Deploying WebObjects under Tomcat

I'd never tried deploying a WebObjects app under Tomcat (or JBoss, or any other J2EE container) before. I'd always just stuck with the built-in WebObjects appserver, and did the config/management in JavaMonitor. Well, it's now a Really Good Idea™ to make sure any app you want to deploy on non-MacOSX boxes will work in the servlet engines.

So, I did a quick RTFM. (twice, because it's taking longer for it to soak in after midnight after a busy day of WWDC) Then I twiddled the appropriate bits in my XCode project build settings. Built the .war bundle. Downloaded Tomcat (for servlet spec 2.2), copied the .war into the webapps directory, and lit it up. It just worked. Mostly. Except for funky CSS stuff (because I don't have any freaking idea how to deploy a Tomcat/WO app, and stuff that's normally vended via Apache is now just firing 404s).

But, what I care about is that it works!!! We've now got (ok. it's been in WO for a long time now, but I just took advantage of it - cut me some slack) what appears to be an easy way to deploy a WebObjects app on any platform that can run Tomcat. That's pretty sweet. We'll be hitting the WebObjects Lab this morning to get some more stuff figured out, but this is looking promising now!

The WWDC session on deploying WO apps on JBoss was pert' near useless. I did manage to make a bee-line to the mike for Q&A to ask wtf the deal was with cross-platform deployment.

Just to document the event:

Pachyderm 2 on Tomcat

OK. Now to sleep.

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