Podcast 2005-06-29

Just a quick podcast to say Howdy (or is that Aloha?) after returning to Calgary. This was supposed to be a very brief Hello podcast, but turned into a 14-minute ramble about the 3 weeks away from the office.

Trying out the new "Podcast" AAC export in iTunes (actually, I tweaked it a bit to make the file even smaller). If anyone misses MP3 format, let me know.

Brief outline:

  • Talk about iTunes podcasting support
  • I'm listed on the iTunes podcast directory - no idea how I got there, but it's kinda cool... guess I should podcast a bit more...
  • Talk about EarthCore
  • Talk about WWDC2005
  • Talk about NMC2005/Honolulu

Tune in here.

Update: Woah. Sorry about the level shift from the intro to the main audio. That sucks. I'll redo the intro when I get a chance. In the meantime, get ready to turn the volume down after the funky bassline ends...

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