Changing taste in podcasts

Update: Added "Radio Memories"

On the way into the office this morning, I realized that something had changed about the way I'm listening to podcasts. When my iPod is fired up (which is every day), I find I still listen to podcasts about 90% of the time - the remaining 10% is spent in Shuffle mode randomly bopping around my various playlists of actual music.

What changed was the type of podcasts that I find myself listening to. Initially, I was 100% ITConversations. Drinking from the firehose of conferencecasts, and deep interviews, and whatnot.

Now, my favorite podcasts are:

Occasionally, I'll dip into a few others

I'm not sure if my taste in podcasts has matured, or if I just burned out from the All Tech, All The Time push of a constant ITConversations feed...

Of course, when I'm coding or doing something that needs music, I usually have iTunes churn through my "My Top Rated" or "Good, Unplayed Recently" playlists at a volume that is way too loud for the continued health of my eardrums...

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