Unreality TV

Alan's got a rant-on about "reality" TV, and the impending doom of civilization as we know it.

I kinda agree, but don't think it will stop until we've seen the likes of "Switched At Birth" - a "reality" series where they swap babies between a rich family and a trailer park family, and follow the kids until adulthood. Fun and entertainment for all, watching the rich kid become a crack dealer, and the poor kid a socialite. Wheee!

By the way, Rupert Murdoch, even though the rest of my blog is under a Creative Commons license, I retain the rights to "Switched At Birth" - when you want to talk production deals, give me a shout.

Oh, and Alan... If you find a deal on that off-grid tropical island, I'll cut you in on my royalties if you can make room for a few more refugee souls...

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