New Autostitch Panoramas

Over the years, I have taken several series of quick-and-dirty panorama photographs. No tripod. No careful alignment. Just snapping a series of shots at various angles at cool or memorable places. I've been hoping that the software would catch up and make it brain-dead simple and quick to make high quality panoramas. Autostitch has finally done that.

I've been playing with Autostitch for a while now, but just went back through the iPhoto archives and dragged 14 sets of panorama series, and fed them into Autostitch to see what came out. The results aren't consistently great (my older camera had lower res, and image quality was poorer), but they're pretty darned good.

Flickr Album: Autostitch Panoramas - a photoset on Flickr

Here are some of the better ones...

Stanley Park pano
WWDC2002 Stevenote Lineup pano
Jungle Mural pano
SF Downtown pano

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