Finally got the pics from Dad's Big 7-0

It took over 2 weeks, but I finally got the pictures off of that Sony funkicam. They're generally really nice photos, but the camera was apparently set to "auto photo screw up" mode. Every image has a bright red datestamp burned straight into the image like gramma's camera does. Why on earth would a digital camera burn a timestamp into the image, when EXIF does a better job without screwing up the picture? grrr....

Mountainside cabinsDad @ 70

Some nice shots of Evan in the mountains, some nice shots of mountains, and a great shot of Dad. I've got some to stitch a pano of the valley, and will post that when it's ready. There are more photos, but I won't put them online because they have other family members in them, and they didn't sign up for this dump-everything-online stuff...

The image quality (despite the lower resolution due to the teeny 32MB Memory Stick) is great. Man, I really have to get a Digital Rebel XT or something :-)

Update: Here's the pano. It looks much crisper than the ones I made using my little Fujifilm digicam, too!

Banff Gate Pano

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