Safari RSS Database Corrupted Again?

Holy CRAP that's annoying. I have Safari running on both computers pretty much 100% of the time. My Powerbook's copy is set to use RSS, and to update feeds automatically. I'd noticed earlier this morning that my subscriptions were holding almost 30,000 items. I thought to myself "Hey, that's cool! Usually, it corrupts and resets itself to a fresh database at around 20,000 items. I guess that problem's been fixed somehow."

Nope. Safari just decided to nuke my items database and start from scratch. All of my subscriptions are safely in my bookmarks file, but the items (and read state) were nuked for all of them. Now, Safari is re-downloading every one of my nearly 500 feeds, and dutifully marking each item as "unread". What a waste of time THAT is. I might be switching back to NNW yet again. Perhaps I'll try Vienna or Shrook for a while...

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