Experimenting with Flickr for a family event

My mom is turning 65 on Sunday, and we're throwing a big bash at the Tuscany Club - about 75 of her closest friends will be there, and we're going way over the top with a chocolate-themed party.

I was initially going to attempt to document the event myself, and then it hit me - I use Flickr and the like for collaborative documenting of events/conferences. This isn't any different, except that many of the people attending may have never heard of Flickr, etc...

So, I started simple. We all gathered the recipes together for the items we're putting in the buffet, and I put together a simple recipe book .pdf document that everyone can document. Then, the experiment begins. I created a very simple web page to act as a launching point (and download vector for the recipes) to direct people to Flickr to share their photos. I'll beef up the page a bit after the event.

I was also toying around with the idea of a live wiki to act as the recipe book - even went as far as installing MediaWiki on my Godaddy account and researching recipe templates - then realized there's no freaking way I should inflict a wiki on this group. I'll keep the wiki there in case I need it though.

Should be interesting to see if/how people contribute their photos...

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