Attack of the Wiki Spammers

The Wiki Spammers are digging in. It looks like they're falling back to brute force manual labour to spread their wares. The U of C Wiki was just hit by a moron who took 20 minutes to make 114 edits. It took me about 20 minutes to undo all of this clown's links to whatever it was he's trying to link to (using CSS to hide the links).

Then, at the last minute, I discovered the easy trick to nuke all contributions by a user. There is a handy page listing all of this roach's contributions, and Sysops can easily nuke each and every one of them from this page, in no more than a minute or two.

So, not only is your URL thrown into the blacklist, but I can easily nuke any crap the gets through the filter. Begone, Mama71! Crawl back under your rock, and stop vandalizing an open educational resource. Surely there is something better you could be doing with your time.

Bring. It. On.

Update: Aron was apparently hanging out in the #mediawiki IRC channel when this was going on, and it looks like it was a coordinated attack felt across the Mediawikisphere. Man, that sucks. Mama71 just burned off a lot of Whuffie, vandalizing shared and open academic resources around the world. I'm guessing Mama71's next incarnation will be as a roach, or lower. Not fun ;-)

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