Intro to Weblogs and RSS Presentation

I just finished the first Weblogs and RSS workshop/presentation - "Personal publishing with weblogs and RSS" - an introductory overview of blogging, rss, aggregation, and benefits (and some risks) of blogging.

The session was sold out (20 people), and I think it went reasonably well. Not the best presentation I've ever given, but it seemed to be received OK. It's a hard topic to present about - acronyms are in blogging's DNA - and some of the concepts are just plain foreign to novices. Read/write web? Aggregators? etc...

Here's a quick screenshot of the intro presentation (click for a download of an interactive QuickTime version - sans audio. Imagine me talking compellingly...)


Almost forgot - the presentation is a modified Lessigian style - not quite MTV level of hyperanimation, but no bullet points. The presentation may not make too much sense without me babbling on about stuff :-)

Also, I used one of our Kensington wireless presentation controllers for this session - wow, that is one nice controller! Uses radio (bluetooth?) and a USB dongle, so no line-of-sight limitation, and worked perfectly with my Powerbook once it was recognized (it triggered the Bluetooth keyboard recognition process, so I think it's a BT doodad, even though it doesn't have the logo on it...) I'll definitely be using this sucker in the future. Only $40US or so, too!

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