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Dashboard weather: SFO vs YYC

On the left, what it's like in The City this morning. On the right, what I'll be landing into in a few hours. Sure, it's "rainy" here (that means the streets are damp, but you can walk without getting wet), but at least things are liquid. I wonder how much shoveling is waiting for me at home...

Update: The TV news in SF was calling the weather "the worst storm of the year so far" and travel advisories were being issued. I kept looking for the storm on the way to the airport. All I saw would have simply been called "rainy" or "a shitty day" back home. Traffic was backed up pretty seriously on the 101 due to a weather-related accident, so my rocking driver hopped over to 280 to bypass the schmozzle. Oh, and I left the hotel 3 hours before my flight - you know, planning ahead in case something happened, so I wouldn't miss my flight home...


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