Mavericks - An Incorrigible History of Alberta

The Mavericks online exhibit went live on Wednesday. The event featured several of the Mavericks (or family members) attending to answer questions. I missed the event, but it sounded like a great one.

The project is really quite cool, presenting a history of the prominent figures in Alberta's history from the 1700s to modern day. Themes such as settlement, ranching, Mounties, oil, politics, war, and immigration are covered in pretty impressive depth. There are over 1400 screens of content (images, text, audio, and video), as well as a full teacher's resource for use as part of the curriculum.

The online exhibit was authored using the in-development versions of Pachyderm 2.0, and provided a pretty serious beta test suite for the software. The really impressive thing is that now that Pachyderm 2.0 is essentially "stable" enough to let people hammer at it, anyone can create online exhibits like this...

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