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I know - nobody reads blogrolls anymore, but I needed something mindnumbingly trivial to do for a few minutes. So, I had Blogbridge spit out an OPML file of my subscriptions, and I'm updating my various linkositories (Bloglines, Links) with the updated goods. Bloglines has been chewing on the file for 15 minutes, so no promises that it's being updated successfully there...

477 feeds - that's actually down a bit from what I was reading before - and it looks like several feeds have borked htmlUrl values so you might need to grab the opml source to get more info on some feeds.

Blogbridge does a few "off colour" things with the opml export - largely for the better, but still outside of the spec so it gets iffy - like adding in my rating for each feed (from 0 - 4 stars), and an icon for each "folder" - but that's only meaningful within Blogbridge itself.

Update: Bloglines tech support elves were able to get my opml file imported, after the web interface choked on it. Not sure what they might have done differently, but it's been synced to my latest feeds.

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