Impending Conservative Victory?

This is so depressing. It looks like Harper might be on the path to a minority government on Monday - with a slim possibility of pulling off a majority. That is sad for so many reasons.

In my riding, "my" MP Rob Anders doesn't even have to show up at local events and debates. He's rated "F" for his performance in the House, he's described as dangerous and scary by reporters across this country - even by reporters in the States, where he made an impact as a Republican cheerleeder. He called Nelson Mandela a communist and terrorist, and blocked the granting of an honourary Canadian citizenship to the man. Then refused to come to the phone when Mandela called him with a "WTF?"

And Anders is probably going to have yet another landslide victory handed to him. He doesn't have any real competition - the Liberals don't stand a snowball's chance in hell in Calgary. The NDP aren't even trying to compete - putting up a U of C student as their best challenge to Ander's seemingly neverending reign of mediocrity. I saw the NDP candidate yesterday - as he was running to class. I'm sorry, but if a party isn't going to put forth a serious candidate, they should just concede a riding.

The thing is, I consistently voted for the Progressive Conservative Party. They tossed the Progressive part away in the merger with the right wing wacko Reform/Alliance. But, the vast majority of Calgarians will be voting simply for tax cuts, without thinking about the repurcussions of handing the country to these nutjobs. Even my senior citizen parents are rooting for the Conservatives, saying how the tax cuts will be great for them. But, they're on a fixed income, and not paying much income tax to begin with. I'm really glad they're involved in the process (volunteering for Harper's campaign) but can't understand the logic behind their choice.

Of course, the Conservatives will have to give so many concessions to Ontario and Quebec that even under a "western" party's government, this side of the country will be neglected. And, the election will still be all but decided by the time the polls open here.

The thought of moving from Calgary is growing more attractive, but then the rednecks would win a little more. Leaving would be giving up.

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