My Life, My Blog, My So Called Diary

My Life, My Blog, My So Called Diary

Originally uploaded by Looking For Fish Tacos At ELI 2006.

Not sure if I can cross off one of my 43Things - which is to write a novel. Apparently I'm an accomplished pulp sci fi author. I've since moved on from writing about cats, though...

Seriously, though - be sure to check out Alan Levine and Brian Lamb's latest wild and wacky presentation: Beyond The Blog. They've put the online resources up already, in the form of a Flickr album. Alan's sheer bliss at stretching metaphors shows through in spades, along with Brian's literary sarcasm ;-)

Update: Crap. I just saw on Brian's blog that this presentation is not yet released. Oops. Leigh and Stephen already blogged it, so I just assumed it was out. Sorry, mi amigos!

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