Photographs on Display

I finally got around to doing something with some of my photographs. Instead of just gathering dust in iPhoto, there are now a bunch of great photos proudly on display in our living room. We made a trek down to IKEA on the weekend (the same weekend when the rest of the province was busy intending on spending their $400/person "Ralph Bucks" peak oil prosperity cheques - so every store was insanely busy).

We picked up some cheap narrow shelves and some basic frames. I painted the frames with some leftover paint to match the walls (after digging up the bucket from under the basement stairs). Hung the shelves between the entertainment centre and front door. Uploaded some files to London Drugs' online photo finishing site, waited 2 hours, then picked them up. Slapped the prints into the frames, and placed them onto the shelves. And it looks like something in a museum or something - except for being my photographs of things that are important to our family - waaaay better than buying a generic photo at Pottery Barrel or something.

The whole shooting match cost about $120CDN - some of the best money I've spent, and cheaper than any off-the-shelf display I would have found. The only problem is - now I want to keep adding onto the shelves to put more pictures up...

Photo Display 2

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