The one about the Game of Tag meme

I thought I'd dodged this bullet. No such luck. This is a particularly insideous one, in that it is 2x exponential. I guess it's my turn to be a good sport, so here goes...

  • Four jobs I've had
    • Fabric product packager? The guy that takes the big rolls of fabric and splits it down into the little rolls you see at the fabric stores. Summer job, first year of university.
    • Housekeeper, Heritage Park. Explains a lot, no?
    • Midway Operator, Heritage Park. Yes, I was an old-fashioned carnie.
    • Programmer at a defunct company that Shall Not Be Named.
  • Four movies I can (and do) watch over and over
    • Die Hard
    • LoTR (all three volumes)
    • Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. KHAAAANNNN!!!! KHAAAANNNNN!!!! ah, Superchannel...
    • Adventures in Babysitting. Elizabeth Shue is hot...
  • Four places I've lived
    • Calgary.
    • The south end of Calgary.
    • The southwest end of Calgary.
    • The northwest end of Calgary.
  • Four TV shows I love
    • Battlestar Galactica. Best. Sci Fi. Evar. (the new one, not the old campy one)
    • Lost (airdrop me onto any tropical island, please)
    • House (I identify with the cantankerous bastard)
    • Gray's Anatomy (I know it's a soap, but it works for some reason)
  • Four places I've vacationed
    • St. Thomas, USVI (got married there)
    • Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands
    • Vegas. Yeah, I know. But we don't gamble.
    • Hawaii. 2 weeks in Honolulu
  • Four of my favorite dishes
    • the big green one from Italy
    • that big salsa bowl. wait. is this asking about the dish, or the contents? Ok, the salsa, then. Or quacamole.
    • Pretty much anything Janice makes. If forced to decide? Perhaps the lasagna. mmmmm....
    • The chicken with mole sauce at Salt and Pepper. yum.
  • Four sites I visit daily
    • The Goog
    • Sitemeter (I'm a stat whore. sue me)
    • /.
    • Versiontracker
  • Four places I would rather be right now
    • St. Thomas, USVI
    • Georgetown, Grand Caymans
    • San Francisco
    • Vancouver
  • Four books (or series) I love
    • Asimov's Robot series
    • Starship Troopers (awesome book, horrible movie - I read it in the '90s, looong before it got movified)
    • Tolkein's stuff (pick any)
    • Anything Arthur C. Clark. Again, grew up with it.
  • Four video games I can (and do or did) play over and over
    • Pitfall
    • Omega Force
    • Marathon
    • Quake 3:Arena
  • Four bloggers I am tagging
    I was going to let this one die on the vine, but now I'm kind of curious...


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