Podcasting at the U of C

Well, this just came over the wires, so I guess it's official. Looks like The University of Calgary is about to do podcasting in a big way.

The University of Calgary will be the first university in the country to introduce podcasting on a large scale when it launches four courses in the summer and fall featuring portable MP3 technology as a teaching tool.


The U of C will introduce podcasting in four courses that involve about 700 students: iCOMS 201, Introduction to Communications Studies, summer 06; iENGL 231, Introduction to Fiction, winter 07; iCHEM 351, Organic Chemistry I, Fall 06; and iSOCI 201, Introduction to Sociology, Fall 06.

I guess I'm going to have to get around to putting on those podcasting workshops I was promising. Topics like "how to record/publish a podcast" and "how to make a podcast that doesn't suck" and "podcasting isn't just recording the whole damned lecture" etc...

Does this mean I can put in for a new iPod to show the video stuff, and a Big Microphone to demo recording? We're putting the little "i" in front of the cool new courses, too...

Podcasting on ucalgary.ca domainUpdate: Just did a search of the UCalgary domain to see what kind of stuff we're doing with podcasting. The only results that came up were from my blog, and the wiki page I started :-)

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