10GHz of power!

4 times the funOur fancy schmancy new Power Mac Quad G5 boxes were released to us this morning. 20" Cinema Displays, too. These bad boys have 4 x 2.5GHz G5 cores, adding up to 10GHz of raw power under the hood. Sure, there's some overhead in spreading stuff over the different chips, and some software won't take advantage of it, but having that much CPU power sitting ready is pretty sweet.

I just did a quick playbenchmark with Return to Castle Wolfensteina well-trusted benchmarking utility, and man this machine runs nicely :-)

I'm just putting on some of the missing software (no XCode in our developer's load? MySQL, etc...) but basicallly I'm on the ground running out of the box. I just copied my home directory over from a backup, and since 90% of the apps I use are in that, I'm up and running. Very cool machine.

The Cinema Display makes the LCD on my PowerBook look mighty dim. Oh, well :-) The Mighty Mouse is pretty sweet, too. The little nipple/ball/button dealie works surprisingly well, but I'm occasionally tripping into Exposé by accidentally squeezing the mouse too hard.

Update: Spotlight and Dashboard are totally usable - instantly responsive. I'm guessing Steve has one of these when reviewing OSX releases :-)

Update: I forgot to add the image I took to update my State of the Desktop on Flickr...

My Desktop, now with G5 Quad and Cinema Display

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