Performancing for Firefox

Just testing out the latest build of the Performancing for Firefox extension - a fully-featured weblog manager built into Firefox. And it's free.

I had to stop using it a while back because it was behaving oddly (character spacing in the text editor was wonky enough to make it unusable) but it's behaving perfectly now. Not sure if it was the latest Firefox update, or a rogue extension, but whatever was causing the misbehaviour, it's all good now.

It works with a whole bunch of weblog platforms. I've tested with Wordpress 2 and Drupal 4.7, and it claims to work with MovableType and many others.

The latest PFF build also has a few nice new features - like sorting categories, integrated Metrics display, and a nice bookmarking utility. Lots of other cool stuff, too. Definitely a handy extension. I'm looking forward to comparing it with Flock when the Cardinal build is released next month!

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