ADETA Interface 2006

Dave, Patty and I spent 2 (and a bit) glorious days in beautiful downtown Lethbridge for the ADETA Interface 2006 conference. It was my first time to Lethbridge (aside from a blur seen from a speeding car that didn't leave the highway, back when I was a kid). We wound up spending some time exploring, hiking, and wandering around town (and the U of L campus).

The Interface conference was different than any other conference I've been to. It was much homier, with all of the attendees appearing to know each other already. This was my first Interface, so although I knew many of the names, I didn't recognize many faces.

I'm not going to blog much about the conference - it's a distance ed. conference, so I'll assume it's all available online somewhere. I did write a page of notes during one of the keynotes - not about the keynote, but to capture some of my thoughts about didacticism and risk aversion, using my "inside voice" rather that just blogging it out loud. I'll filter and self censor, and if any of it survives, will make a future blog post about it.

I did take a whole bunch of photos of Lethbridge and the U of L campus. It's a very beautiful place - with a deep gorge cut through the middle of the city by the Old Man River. The world's longest and highest train trestle bridge dominates any view of the river. I'll post a pano taken from the U of L, overlooking the entire valley - including, of course, the train bridge.

There are more photos in my Interface 2006 album.

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