Wahoo! I'm a Newton owner again!

I placed a couple of bids on Newton Messagepad auctions on eBay this weekend, thinking I might be able to pick one up relatively inexpensively, since they are discontinued and a decade old. Man, is there an active community of folks still lusting after these bad boys.

The auctions for the MP2100 quickly grew too rich for my blood, but I was able to win both an eMate 300 and a Messagepad 120 with a bunch of accessories.

Now, to negotiate shipping and handling, then eagerly await the boxes in the mail... Can't wait to get my hands back on a Newton. I had a MP120 for a couple of years in the late '90s, and really miss it. The eMate should be cool too. Oh, and to figure out how to connect these beasts to a modern Mac (although I still have my 8600 running at home...)

eMate 300Newton Messagepad 120 + Accessories

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