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I've been following the TED Talks videos as they're published - recordings of the various presentations at the 2006 TED Conference/Symposium. There are some absolutely amazing presentations, ranging from Al Gore, to Nicholas Negroponte, to Mena Trott (and many others).

TED Talks in iTunesTED Talks in iTunes

The video production and publication is sponsored by BMW, who are hoping to be associated with the innovation and Deep Thinking presented at TED, and I think it's a great example of how online advertising can work.

BMW's last big online advertising campaign was with their series of awesome original episodes starring Clive Owen, and directed by many Big Director Types. Very cool stuff. I watched every one several times over, and it just fueled my craving for the Ultimate Driving Machine.

But BMW's sponsorship of the sharing of these TED presentations is much more important and meaningful. By helping to bring these sessions to a wider audience, they've done a great thing.

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