Camera + Bike transport?

I've been trying to find an answer to this, but haven't found anything definitive either way. Occasionally, I want to bring my Canon XT DSLR along when riding my bike. I might want to photograph something on campus at work, or along the path.

So, the question is - is it safe to pack the XT inside a compact LowePro case, and stuff that in a pannier? It seems pretty secure, but I wonder about vibrations from the ride (about half an hour, ranging from 20-60 km/h, depending on weather, traffic, blood sugar...)

I'm trying to avoid a backpack, so I've tried this a few times without any obvious issues. But, am I begging for trouble? Better to suck it up and use a backpack or messenger bag? I suppose I could also stuff the camera inside the LowePro case, and put that inside the larger LowePro/Canon carrying case, and bungie that to the top of the rear rack...

Update: Did some more Googling, and came up with:

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