Playing with Aperture

I got a copy of Aperture this week, just in time to get to play with the new 1.5 update. I'm really impressed with the application. It blows iPhoto out of the water.

I was trying out some of the new features, and thought I'd see if I could tweak one of my favourite photos of Evan to make it "pop" a bit more.  On the left, the original, "in camera" image. On the right, a version with white balance correction, and an application of the new "Spot & Patch" tool to remove some blemishes.

Evan - tweaked (before and after)Evan - tweaked (before and after)

The tweaked image definitely "pops" more. Might be a bit too warm, but I was just messing around with Aperture. I'm realizing a couple of things:

  1. shooting in RAW is awesome (I went for a walk around campus today, shooting RAW for 90% of it. what a difference...)
  2. I have huge gaps in knowledge/understanding of photography. I'm having fun slowly learning, but man, do I have a long way to go.

King jokingly suggested I should quit my job to be a photographer. If that would pay the mortgage, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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