Dreamhost ups account limits

Woah. Dreamhost is celebrating their 9th birthday, and decided to party by increasing limits on accounts. Account holders now get 200 GB (200 gigabytes - a fifth of a terabyte) of disk space. And 2 TB (2 terabytes) of bandwidth per month.

That's insane. Three things must have happened, in order for them to be able to offer this at $7.95/month.

  1. bandwidth costs have come waaaay down over the years
  2. the cost of hard drive space has come waaaay down over the years
  3. almost nobody comes even close to using their full allotment of either

It's awesome that Dreamhost is doing this. It's pretty cool knowing I've got 200GB backing my account, and that I'll never have to worry about bandwidth. Now, if only the performance of the MySQL server would get a boost...

So... Why hasn't the decreasing cost of bandwidth affected my home DSL connection at all?

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