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Got back from Peachland last night. Had a great week relaxing in Okanogan wine country - even though the lake was too cold to actually go into the water. That was a bit tortuous for Evan, but he adapted OK. Thankfully, there were LOTS of rocks to throw into the water...

I wound up taking way too many photographs - probably took 1000 shots, nuking 90% of them and really liking only about half of the survivors. I was driving Janice nuts by dragging my "camera purse" everywhere. But I got some shots that I'm really happy with. I'm not going to write a long, boring (especially to me) post recapping the week. That's why I took pictures.

I will say that the drivers along the BC Highway 97 between Kelowna and Pentiction are evil, aggressive, and just plain mean. Worse even than the psychos frequenting Calgary's Deerfoot Trail. This is Wine Country, in small lakeside communities. Chill out already. We saw 2 fatality accidents as a result of these maniacs.

Peachland Sunrise

Then, the morning after we get back to Calgary, I get this:

Why I didn't ride my bike to work this morning...

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