Again with the spam blocking.

OK. Even I am getting sick of the incessant "spam blocking update" posts, but I figure if it helps even one other person put the brakes on the attempts of the evil spamroaches, it's worth it.

So, here's the latest. I got frustrated with the number of spamments that snuck through the combo of Bad Behavior and Spam.module, so I disabled both. I've reverted to using only Akismet.module, with the experimental spambot detection/prevention enabled.

And, so far, it's doing a better job at blocking the roaches. I've got no idea if it's also blocking legitimate hu-mans, though.

One nice thing about Akismet.module vs. spam.module - with Akismet's experimental spambot prevention, it's closer to acting like Spam Karma 2, where if you smell like a roach, you don't even get close enough to pop the lid off your can of spray paint.

I'll have to look into updating Akismet.module for Drupal 5. There's really no sense in actually moving to D5 without spam blocking. That'd be kind of silly.

As an aside, I was looking through some of the logs, and found an interesting user agent, which led me to the product website for one of the evil spam roach comment bot factory applications. They have disclaimers on the site saying they don't condone using their product without the permission of the blog owners. What? Permission? What a frakking load of ass-covering crap that is. Yeah. You're going to give someone permission to aim a program titled "Blog Post Uzi" - because, you know, Uzis are all warm and fuzzy, and the kind of thing that friends give permission to other friends to point at each other. Yeah. Permission to spray the output of a concealable assault gun. Whatever. Karma's going to catch up to you in spades, my friends at Promo Arsenal (dot com).

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