Justin Trudeau Speaking at the U of C

I just checked in on weblogs.ucalgary.ca, and was greeted by a wonderful surprise. Justin Trudeau was on campus on Friday November 24, and the full audio of his talk was posted to weblogs.ucalgary.ca as a podcast. I've grabbed the file, and have listened to the first couple of minutes, but this should be a great talk.

For anyone who doesn't recognize the name Justin Trudeau, he is the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and is making quite a name for himself as both a public speaker and leader of youth activism.

I'm really interested to hear his thoughts on Quebec as a "nation" as well as his take on what we can do to address environmental issues. (my own take on the Quebec "nation" issue is that it only acts as a divisive instrument - instead of what we need, which is something that is unifying)

This is the kind of thing I'm hoping we can put into a itunes@UCalgary service, once we get that off the ground. For now, it's hosted on our weblogs service.

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