Quickie Screencast: eXe for ePortfolio authoring

I've been using eXe for some project work lately, and thought it might be handy to do a quick and dirty screencast of what it's like to author content using eXe. It's an open source, cross platform website authoring tool that uses some of the same patterns that Pachyderm does - structured content with pedagogical templates. Except it generates plain vanilla html (and SCORM, and IMS CP, etc...)

The screencast is just over 19 minutes (sorry for going on so long) and weighs in as a 27MB file.

Sounds like I left the microphone level too low. Oops. Might have to crank up the volume if you want to hear me. Next screencast, I'll make sure to properly adjust mic levels first...

Update: I published the lame ePortfolio demo as a static website to show what the output looks like.�

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