Flocking Browsers.

I got really frustrated with how painfully slow Firefox gets when opening new tabs, so went through my seasonal try-every-browser-known-to-mankind phase last night and today. At the moment, I'm in Flock. It's based on Firefox, but doesn't seem to suffer from the glacially slow new tab/window creation problem I get in Firefox. I think I'll try Flock for awhile. The integrated blog editor is nice, as well as built-in Flickr and del.icio.us love. I'll stay with it at least until it pisses me off. I'm fickle that way.

wait. why doesn't flock's rich text editor in the blog post window NOT have an image button? I can drag images from Flickr right in there, but can't modify the image HTML without switching to source view? Oy.

And Flock STILL doesn't sort categories when posting a new entry? Seriously. WTF, Flock?

Update: Had to go in via the WordPress UI because Flock double-posted (the edit was sent as a new post, despite the "edit post" checkbox being checked). I think I might stick with the WordPress web UI for managing the blog...

Update 2: Gave up on Flock. It started showing the glacial-tabs-and-windows I see in Firefox. Makes it unusable when constantly opening new tabs and windows. Back to Safari for awhile. I'll likely stay there until I get frustrated by lack of support for rich text editors like TinyMCE, which is used in every piece of software I use...

Update, the third: On to a nightly build of Camino. It's got Gecko for compatibility, and it almost feels like a native MacOSX app. Close...


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