Blog now FeedBurner-powered

I just enabled FeedBurner caching/serving of my blog's RSS feed. The goal is to dramatically decrease the load on the server by redirecting RSS requests through FeedBurner's server rather than mine (well, Dreamhost's). Google just bought FeedBurner, so they're not going anywhere. I'm trusting in Google not to do anything evil. I can always pull the plug on them and take control of the feed if needed.

Another bonus (for me, anyway) is an estimate of stats - how many folks are subscribed to the feed. That's always been a total crap shoot, with nothing more than edumacated guesses and darkened dartboards providing numbers. Now I might get a better idea, and am braced for the emphatic "5 subscribers" that it will be flashing at me shortly.

I apologize in advance for any RSS noise as this kicks in. Hopefully it won't republish all posts in the feed, but if it does, "mark all as read" or in Google Reader parlance "shift+a".

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