Is Vaporware?

We've been looking at, trying to gather more info about their "Peer Re:Mark" peer review building block for Blackboard. It sounds rather interesting, and we'd love to try it out to evaluate for use on campus. The technology has become secondary, though, because the company has been completely unresponsive through the communication channels they provide on their website. I can only assume that the company is no longer viable, and/or that the product is vapour.

Patti tried contacting them 2 weeks ago for more information. She patiently filled out the form on their website, hoping to get some additional information about the product, maybe a demo, and perhaps a quote for deploying it on campus. No response.

So, I decided to see if maybe they were just blowing off peons, and only responding to "important" sounding people. So, I promoted myself to "Vice President, Educational Technology" here at UCalgary, and filled in the form myself. Several days later... No response. I guess I need to demote myself back down to "Lowly EdTech Geek", but I kinda like the ring of VP-EdTech...

Anyway, here's a clue for MyDropBox, who apparently don't respond to the only communication channel they provide on their own website. When people are contacting you, asking for more information, probably trying to give you money, it's a Good Ideaâ„¢ to at least send an autoresponse email. It's an Even Better Ideaâ„¢ to actually, oh, I don't know... RESPOND to the people who are most likely to give your company money.

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