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I just went to renew my long-expired .Mac account. It's only $99.95, and with the new iLife'08 stuff, and syncing, I thought it might be time to re-up. Went to the .Mac website, where I was greeted by a "Welcome back! We missed you!" message. That's sweet. I see the $99.95 subscription, and click through to the .Mac Currency Table to see what the Canadian rate is. And, surprisingly, they're asking a $34 premium just because I'm in Canada.

I expect it to be slightly more expensive, due to the exchange rate, but at the current rate (1 CAD = 0.948227 USD) $99.95US works out to only $105.41CDN. Not $139.00 CDN. It's not like they had to pre-purchase and stock a large quantity of some inventory at an older exchange rate - it's a website. I could easily be charged the current exchange rate. But, they want a $34 Canadian Tax.

I'll pass for now.

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