Arrived in Logan

The Edtech krëw just wrapped up an epic day of travel to make the pilgrimage to Logan, Utah for the Open Education 2007 conference. So far, Utah's been interesting. The people are all very nice, and the scenery is great. Unfortunately, most of the scenery we had the chance to actually spend time enjoying was the inside of SLC, and the almost-dark-moonlit-mountains on the drive north to Logan. The Good Reverend was decidedly quiet, and Scott was gracious enough to drag our freeloading carcasses along in his gigantor rented van. I tried to talk him into renting a Hummer, but nooooo, he got all "dude, that's just wrong" on me. Whatever, dude. What's the environment ever done for me? Let's ride in STYLE! Yeah. Whatever. He didn't go for it either.

I did manage to get a good shot of the mysterious Reverend Jim, while waiting for El Guapo in the SLC rental car terminal. It's a long exposure, so he's a bit hard to see. The Ghost of The Good Reverend is in there somewhere...

SLC - 3

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