Blog Readability Test

Following Paul's post about the Blog Readability Test, I pumped in my own URL just for kicks. Here's the result:

I take that as a compliment, and it's probably pretty easily explained by the algorithm. I tend to write short, active-tense sentences with not many long words. The readability test doesn't take the actual content into account, just the lengths of words, sentences and paragraphs. And, if there are any elementary school kids reading this blog, I apologize for the potty mouth in the last post. Actually, the blog is probably filtered in your school, so no worries...

ps. if you take the test and post the results on your blog, beware the sneaky, sneaky person who runs the service. The HTML snippet they provide includes a spam ad hyperlink. Not cool. So just be sure to remove that before posting. Play safe, kids. And knowing is half the battle.


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