blog feed was borked - sorry for the noise

Turns out the feed for my blog decided to bork about 4 days ago. David sent me a kind note (as he always seems to do about 5 minutes after fecal matter impacts spinning metal) but I couldn't find wtf was wrong. A few days later, and it's bugging me, and FeedBurner is choking on the fumes. I try, and it's all "hey! dude! your feed is all like 404, 'n stuff!" And I was all like "no fracking way. it's all good, man. haven't even touched that stuff in a long, long time, brah." and then FeedValidator says "whatever, dude. I'm telling you, it's gone. 404. MIA. Fix it."

I send a message to the FeedValidator listserv (because I can see the feed just fine in my browser and via curl/wget/etc but FeedValidator insists it's 404), and get 2 responses back within 10 minutes, suggesting my .htaccess was inflicting all kinds of negative foo. I decide to give up on trying to make sense of it, and just replace it with a fresh copy. And it seems to work now.

Anyway, all of this to say "sorry for any RSS noise you might see as a result of my feed's borkage and subsequent hopeful deborkage." Of course, this post jynxes it. It's probably going to bork just to spite me. Fracking blog.

oops  doh 

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