kicking my twitter addiction cold turkey

I tried to go offline from Twitter all day yesterday.

I failed. Miserably. Wound up posting all kinds of stuff.

I hate that I feel so compelled to constantly "check in" - just in case someone posted something.

I hate that I couldn't just stop, as I said I would.

It's not like any critical information came through the pipe. It's not like I found out anything, except that a few of my friends have similar twittercrack habits.

I just decided to shake the habit outright. Here's a new stage for Alan's curve of adoption.

I just modified my /etc/hosts file thusly:

Now it will take a deliberate act of intervention for me to break my twitterfast. I'll be surprised if I actually miss anything though. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, you either already know how to do it, or don't need to.

Also, I realize that this post will be broadcast to Twitter as soon as I hit "Publish." Irony, much?

cold turkey

resulting in this:

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