Bike to Work Day - April 11

There's a big "Bike to Work Day" in Calgary on Friday, April 11. The University of Calgary is running a special event on campus as well. It's pretty safe to say I'll be biking to work that day (and every other day as well ;-) ) and am looking forward to seeing how many people get into it.

On campus, they're going to set up greeting/refreshment stations (with prizes!) on all major entrances, and there's a workshop being put on by the bike club at the Mac Hall loading dock to show basic bike maintenance.

I think I might even pack the camera as well. Should be fun! I've already ridden over 900km this year, on track to hit between 3500 and 4000km by the end of 2008.

Now, if there were more bike-friendly routes (i.e., fewer cycle-homicidal bus & SUV drivers) there might be more people willing to risk riding their bikes to work or school...

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