the postman rings true

I'm only on the third page of the introduction of Postman and Weingartner's Teaching as a Subversive Activity, but am already struck by how current it reads. The book was published in 1969, but sounds like it was just written.

One way of representing the present condition of our educational system is as follows: It is as if we are driving a multimillion dollar sports car, screaming "Faster! Faster!" while peering fixedly into the rearview mirror. It is an awkward way to try to tell where we are, much less where we are going, and it has been sheer dumb luck that we have not smashed ourselves to bits - so far. We have paid almost exclusive attention to the car, equipping it with all sorts of fantastic gadgets and an engine that will propel it at ever increasing speeds, but we seem to have forgotten where we wanted to go in it.

Written in 1968. I'm not sure if I'm impressed at how current it still sounds, or if I'm completely depressed that it still rings true. Look! Shiny things!

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