Bow Cycle Fracking Rocks

firewireI bought a BLT Firewire 4.0 light from Bow Cycle (where I buy all of my Big Purchases for my bike - including the bike). It's an LED light that's as bright as a 15W halogen. It's bright. Damned bright. And wide. Awesome.

So I get the light home and attach it to my bike. WTF? The mounting hardware provided by BLT is crap. It's essentially a glorified zip-pull strap, which snaps when I pull it hard enough to get almost tight enough to sit stably on my handlebar. Fail.

I call BLT, and they say "oh, yeah. we don't send out parts. Go back to Bow, and have them rummage around for a new mount for you."

uh. yeah. So I was expecting to have to just return the light. It's a $175 light, and I'd kind of like the mounting hardware to not suck, for that kind of money.

bowcycleToday, I take The Boyâ„¢ down to Bow Cycle, and talk to one of the guys in the Parts department. He says "no problem! let me see what I can find." - grabs the light and disappears into the back. He comes back several minutes later with a MUCH better mount, with all of the rubber shims and screws needed to hook it up. No charge, no hassle.

Now, the light is properly mounted on my handlebars. It's stable, and still adjustable. Like I'd expect from a quality light.

I've been shopping at Bow Cycle for almost 30 years. Every single person who works at the store, and in the shop, has been absolutely fantastic, every single time I've been in. I'm betting they'll be getting my business for at least another 30 years.

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