Aperture 3 Faces is magic

I just wastedspent the evening training the Faces feature of Aperture 3. Wow. It can't put a name to a face automatically, but as you teach it, it's spooky how well it does finding photos of people. I've been sitting here giggling at all of the photos I'd forgotten of people I care about. Great stuff.

What amazes me is how few pixels it seems to need to be able to recognize a face. It's finding faces in group shots (of course), in crowds at hockey and football games (even if the shot is a wide angle photo with hundreds of people in it). It even finds faces in photographs pinned to the wall in the background of photos. Fun with recursion. It could also be a bit scary as a latent crowd identification system - but The Man has this stuff already...

The image of Cole above was found in this photograph of my laptop. Cole is only visible in a small iChat window. On an angle. Amazing.


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