merging feeds

I had been filtering out a couple of categories from the main feed on my blog. Asides and Coursework. Each had their own separate feed, and I wasn't wanting to pollute the main feed with noise. But, strangely, people are asking why I don't just let everything flow into the main feed.

Fine. It's all in the main feed now. Asides and Coursework don't show up on the front page of the site, but their posts go into the feed.

Asides are stuff that are bigger than Twitter, but less than a real post. Coursework is mostly journal article and book notes, and the occasional piece of stuff I want to publish here so it doesn't evaporate inside Blackboard after the end of a course.

Also, my hosting provider updated PHP on the server today, and one of the plugins that run this blog blew up real good - causing LOTS of noise on the RSS feed. Sorry about that. Grumblegrumble...

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