toward a personal cyberinfrastructure

As the final requirement in the Conceptualizing Educational Technology course I took in W2010, I had to write a position paper on a topic of my choosing. I've been thinking about Gardner Campbell's piece in EDUCAUSE Review, and wanted to dig a little deeper in that direction. The end result is still a bit rough (I polished it off early so I could submit it before leaving on vacation, and the APA formatting is likely utter shyte), and I had to skip entire sections I'd written in my head (I wanted to write about the obvious model demonstrated by Downes and Siemens in the Massive Open Online Course on Connectivism, but ran out of room and wanted to start with the examples of first steps before jumping into the "BYPASS THE INSTITUTION" angle).

Anyway, here's the paper as submitted for the course. It hasn't been graded yet, so it could be a complete load of crap. YMMV.

Toward a personal cyberinfrastructure (135KB PDF file)

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