on monster trucks

>"But, how else am I supposed to pack 4 sets of clubs to the golf course?"


>"I need to be able to tow my boat to the lake."

are not valid responses to

>"It's 2010. Who the fuck **needs** a monster truck?"

Driving 50-100km to hit a little white ball around acres of carefully and expensively manicured alien species of grass, fed and maintained with an endless supply of petroleum fertilizers, and countless litres of water. This is not something you **need** to do, and in 2010 it should be something we actively avoid doing.

And schlepping a boat? The only lake near Calgary is usually so choked with weeds that people drive hundreds of kilometres to their lakeside cottage. Towing a giant boat behind a monster truck or [H2](http://fuh2.com/) (and getting less than 10 mpg in the process) is insane.

The sense of entitlement is maddening. You **want** to do these things. You don't **need** to do them. **You are part of the problem**.

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