second nuking

I was asked to turn in the iPhone last month. Due to the contract setup, it couldn't be cancelled right away, so I was able to borrow it for an additional month. That month is up, so now I just finished nuking the iPhone again so I can turn it in. I've likely saved the University hundreds of thousands of dollars by advocating and using free and open source software for nearly a decade. But that $50/month will probably be what finally saves the University from budgetary destruction. Phew. Disaster averted.


I was planning on reverting to my iPod Touch until iPhone4 is available in Canada. But The Boyâ„¢ accidentally smashed the screen while we were fishing a couple of weeks ago. oops. Now I'm IOS-deviceless for awhile, until I can pick up my own phone sometime this month. I'm starting to twitch already.

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