the logical consequence of global scale food production

Reading Anthony Bourdain's *Medium Raw* and was struck by this passage. I'd heard it before (possibly from the same place Anthony did), but reading the way "hamburger" patties are produced by global meatco Cargill makes my intestine crawl. iBooks doesn't like copy/paste, so here's a screengrab:

>![iBooks Medium Raw Uruguian Coliform Trailings Screengrab](

The fact that it's economically viable to ship coliform bacteria laden meat trimmings from Uruguay, to be treated with chemicals to kill the fecally introduced bugs, before going into an übergrinder to be mixed with trailings trucked from plants around the rest of the continent? disturbing. That we'd buy this crap (literally, crap) to save a few cents on a beef-like hockey puck? even more disturbing. I haven't bought prefab patties in maybe a decade, but still... I wonder what other parts of the supermarket are infested with this type of practice.

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