critical pedal (biking in vancouver)

Whenever I’m in Vancouver (which, frankly, is nowhere near often enough), I’m struck by how many people ride their bikes to get around the city. Honestly, I think I’m amazed enough that I bore anyone within earshot with constant comments about bikes, people riding bikes, and infrastructure to enable bicycle riding.

In Calgary, it feels like riding a bike is definitely a fringe or freak activity. In Vancouver, it feels like just another way to get around. I hope someday Calgary can get to this level of bike activity.

Update: I posted on Twitter about how impressive it is that Vancouver spends $3.5 million annually on new bike infrastructure. I asked @cityofcalgary what our status is. The city responded with our plan - $47 million over 9 years, on new bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Awesome! The stated goal is to have over 47,000 more people riding their bikes by 2018, and almost 80,000 more people walking.

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