thinking about migrating from flickr to wordpress

I haven't posted a photo to Flickr in a couple months, and am starting to think about how to migrate photos from there (a place I don't own, and where the photos are only fully available if I pay an annual fee) to here (a place that I do own, where I get to say when/if stuff goes offline).

I can think of two scenarios:

  1. Some mythical WordPress plugin that connects to my Flickr account and sucks in all of the images as Media items (for management) and Posts (so they're visible) using the correct date/title/description/keywords. This doesn't need to pull in the full resolution originals - I'd be happy with the Large (1024 pix wide) version.

  2. Another mythical WordPress plugin that can process a folder of images, sniff out the EXIF data in the file, add a Media item, and create a Post using the title, date, keywords and description in the EXIF. I can have Aperture crank out fresh copies of photos I want to put here, and drop those into a folder I can upload manually to the server, if needed.

There's something kind of close to #2 - the Import Legacy Media plugin - but it's kind of borked, possibly just unhappy with the current version of WordPress.

I'm probably missing something. What's the best way to batch-import say a few thousand images into a WordPress blog? (remembering to disable Twitter Tools first, of course… cough)

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