photo friday - banff gate

A few years ago, we headed into the mountains to spend a few days at a cabin with family. It's a development built on top of the remains of a failed ski resort on Pigeon Mountain, overlooking the Bow Valley. The weather was pretty crappy for much of the stay, but I was drawn to the way the clouds and wisps played along the crags. I think these peaks are Windtower and The Rimwall, forming the south part of the famous Three Sisters overlooking Canmore.

Banff Gate  40

I wound up shooting a few hundred photos of the mountains while we were there, fascinated by the changes in light and shadow, and the motion of the clouds through the peaks. In most of the photos, the colour was so subdued that it was almost black and white - but I added a proper black and white filter in Aperture to help bring out the details in the rocks.

This photo was taken using my Canon XT and 70-300mm lens at 300mm, handheld. There's some softness in the image due to the crappy lens and motion of hand-holding.

Next time I spend some time there, I'll try to do some time-lapse videos. Amazing stuff, and close to home.


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